Auto Painting Shop in Salem, Oregon

Salem Auto Body & Paintworks has all the equipment needed to assist your vehicle with auto painting services. Whether your car has a small scratch you would like to have touched up, or you’re thinking of changing the color of the entire body, our highly trained technicians are here for you. To some, minor paint damage may not seem like a serious concern, however, even a tiny scratch can impact the safety of your vehicle. It is important you get the issue solved at your local body shop to prevent structural problems such as rust and corrosion.

We’ll Make Your Car Look Brand New Again!

Our paint booth is large enough to perform auto painting services to your vehicle, whether it is a motorhome, truck, or motorcycle. By taking the time to create the paint on scene, we are able to match the color perfectly. We are here to work around your schedule in order to get your vehicle looking just how you would like it. When you schedule your auto body painting at Salem Auto Body & Paintworks, you can guarantee your vehicle will return to its original condition without noticing work was completed.

The Perfect Paint Job

The Perfect Paint Job

Our family-owned business has been around for over 30 years and each of our technicians is experienced with painting all types of vehicles. Whether you are considering getting a fresh paint job today or come across the need for a touch up in the future, feel free to give us a call at 503.378.7595 or contact us on this website for more information. Your vehicle will remain looking great for years after you pick it up. We are excited to begin working with you!

Upgrade Your Paintjob!