Rental Cars Available While Your Vehicle is Being Repaired

Thinking about having some work done to the body of your vehicle, but don’t want to be stuck without a mode of transportation? Here at Salem Auto Body & Paintworks, we truly understand the demand for a vehicle and wouldn’t want our customers to be stranded without one. However, oftentimes the services we provide do take a bit of time, causing your personal mode of transportation to be locked up at our shop. We offer rental car services whether we are completing auto body repairs or painting services to your vehicle. To better serve you, we offer services which most other shops don’t.

Don’t Spend a Second Without Transportation

You can drive away from your first appointment right after you’ve dropped your car off. This way you have no need to worry about the hassle of finding a car while yours is in for work. After our certified technicians have completed the service on your car or truck, drive the rental back to us and we will take care of the rest. It’s as simple as can be!

As always, convenience and customer satisfaction are at the top of our priority list. Our on-site rental cars will save you time and money from having to rent a vehicle on your own. Contact us for auto body work today at 503.378.7595, or contact us on this website, and we can assure your mode of transportation will be taken care of. Salem Auto Body & Paintworks is your friendly auto body shop who is there for you when you need us!

Get Where You Need To Go