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Choosing an Auto Body Shop – Up to You or the Insurance Company?

When it comes to choosing an auto body shop, the choice is completely yours. Whether your insurance company agrees with your decision or not.

Once you experience damages done to the body of your vehicle, your insurance company will be quick to recommend you to an auto body shop. While many people believe they must listen to their insurance company’s recommendation, this is not the case. By law, you have the authority to decide which auto body shop completes the repairs done to your vehicle.

When you let your provider know you are choosing a different repair shop than what they suggest, they may try to talk you out of it. They might tell you the shop isn’t on their list, or they can’t handle the claim at the chosen location. Along with this they could tell you false information about the auto repair shop, such as they don’t warranty their repairs, or they take too long to get an estimate.

Don’t be intimidated.

Insurance companies have contracts with specific auto body shops. These contracts benefit the company themselves and meet their personal standards. Often, the insurance company has negotiated lower labor and material rates, and discounted parts with the repair shop. Therefore, they want you to choose to work with the shop of their choice. However, the choice is up to you. And, the insurance company is required, by law, to pay the bill.

Here at Salem Auto Body & Paintworks, we always choose to make the customer our number one priority, not the insurance company. We provide a lifetime warranty on the repair no matter who is paying the bill. Being familiar with most insurance companies is beneficial to us as we know how to handle your claim efficiently.

Whether you choose to go with your insurance company’s advice or select a repair shop of your own, be sure to pick a shop you can trust. Asking friends and family for their advice is always a good idea if you aren’t sure.