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How Does a Seat Belt Protect You?

How a Seat Belt Works

It’s important to take note that while you are in a moving vehicle your body is moving at the same speed as the car. Let’s say you are driving 35 miles per hour around town; that means your body is also traveling 35 miles per hour. If you were to get into a car accident, your car may come to a stop, but your body still has its momentum. Scary to think about! That’s where seat belts come in.

Thanks to the use of seat belts, we have something to hold us in place during the time of a car accident. Modern seat belts have three points and are shaped like the letter ‘Y’. During a car accident, while wearing a seat belt, your body’s momentum is disbursed into your chest, shoulders, and pelvis. While this may cause these areas of your body some pressure, it will keep you in your seat. Much better than projecting forward.

Previously, before the three-point seat belt, there were two types of seat belts: the lap belt and the sash belt. This newly designed model combines these two earlier versions. The webbed fabric, modern engineering, and sleek design make the seat belt the best safety device on a vehicle today.

Benefits of a Seat Belt

As you could guess, one of the main benefits of the seat belt is the fact it keeps you in your seat during a car accident, potentially saving your life! However, there are other benefits to your seat belt as well, such as:

  • Ensures you stay inside the vehicle during an accident
  • Prevents you from colliding with components in your car: dashboard, steering wheel, etc.
  • Disperses the force your body takes from the accident, applying it where your body is durable
  • De-accelerates your body

In the United States, the seat belt usage rate is 90.1%, which is great news. The team at Salem Auto Body & Paintworks recommends and always hopes each of you wears your seat belt, as we have learned accidents can happen at any time. Contact us to learn more!