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Tricks to Remove Dents Out of Your Car Yourself

Getting a dent in your vehicle is never something anyone asks for. Whether you accidentally backed into another car or the home run hit landed on your hood, getting a dent is never fun. Not to mention the cost of having the dent repaired. Even a small dent can ruin the beauty of your car, truck, or motorcycle. Before you stress too much, try these methods for removing the dent yourself. Keep in mind, these tricks may not work on all vehicle types but it’s worth a shot.

Use a Plunger

It turns out that a plunger can be used for more than just the toilet. If you are dealing with a small to medium-sized dent, splash some water on both the dent and the plunger, and begin pushing and pulling until the dent pops out. Be sure to use a cup plunger (for sinks) and not a flange one.

Use Boiling Water

You may have found it to be difficult when handling a dent in a plastic bumper. This is because of how stiff the plastic is. To solve this issue, boil some water in a pot and throw it on the dent to heat it. While the dent is still hot, reach behind the bumper and work to pop the dent back in. You may have to use a hammer to help push the dent. The heat of the water makes the plastic more flexible, therefore easier to put back into place. Continue to pour boiling water and work quickly to get the dent completely out.

Use a Hairdryer & Compressed Air

A hairdryer and compressed air can also be used to remove a car dent out of plastic. To begin, heat the dented area with the hairdryer. This will expand the plastic out of the car. Once you have created enough heat on the dent, spray the area with the can of condensed air, while the can is upside down. The cold air will cause the plastic to contract and pop the dent back out into place.

Use Dry Ice

Be sure to put on gloves first, and you can use dry ice to remove a small dent out of your vehicle. Simply rub the dry ice on the dented area until you hear it pop back into place. If the dent isn’t too deep, it should pop out eventually as you keep rubbing it with the ice.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner & Bucket

Suction is a popular way to remove a dent out of your car. With help from a vacuum cleaner, a bucket, and some tape, you can create a dent pulling machine. First, create a small hole in the bottom of the bucket, tape the bucket around the dent, place the vacuum cleaner hose in the hole of the bucket, and turn on the vacuum. If your vacuum has enough power and the dent is just shallow enough, it should pop out.

Use a Specialty Tool

If the tricks listed above don’t seem to get the job done, there are special tools out there you could try. ‘Pops-a-Dent’ and other suction cup dent remover tools might be what you’re looking for.

Sometimes, the dent is too large or too deep to be removed yourself. If you have any questions or need assistance on removing a dent out of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to call Salem Auto Body & Paintworks at 503.378.7595. We’ll help you ride ‘dent-less’.