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How to Inspect Your Car After Body Work

After spending time and money on vehicle repairs, it’s important you are satisfied with the job done by the auto body shop of your choice. How do you know if they did a good job? It’s crucial you know how to tell if the look and function have been restored. When you go to pick up your freshly repaired car, a technician should walk around the car with you. However, it is still good for you to conduct your own inspection before driving off. Here are some tips for doing so.

1. Inspect Repairs in the Sunlight

The sun gives off better lighting than you will find in a shop or garage. Be sure to take your freshly repaired car outside, in the sun, to look for subtle dents, color differences, texture changes, or any other flaws in the vehicle. Take the extra time to look over the specific area where the repairs took place.

2. Look at the Gaps

There are many parts on your vehicle which should be aligned correctly. For example, the gap between your tires and fenders should be the same on both sides. The edges between the body panels should also line up neatly. Be sure to check there are no uneven or overly wide gaps anywhere to be found on the body of your car. If so, the auto body repair will be to be redone.

3. Open & Close Parts

The doors, hood, trunk, and windows on your car or truck should open and close securely, as they did before the vehicle was damaged. It’s important to test them by opening and closing each. Listen to the sound of parts rubbing together and feel for any resistance.

4. Check Hoses & Wires

If the auto body shop has completed any mechanical work on your vehicle, it is important to check under the hood. Make sure all belts, hoses, and wire are connected, as they may have disconnected during the accident. It’s a good idea to check the lights currently as well. Be sure to have them fix any issues you find before you leave.

Now you know if your vehicle has been repaired properly and you can enjoy your adventures for years to come. For a quality job done every time, remember the name Salem Auto Body & Paintworks. We guarantee satisfaction. If you have questions about choosing an auto body shop or would like to learn more about auto body repairs, feel free to give us a call at 503-378-7595. We care about the condition of your car, truck, and motorcycle!