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Protect the Paint on Your Car

There are many actions you can take in order to keep your vehicle running as long as possible. While most people are aware of their car’s regular maintenance schedule, many ignore the idea of protecting its paint. Taking care of the paint on your vehicle will not only improve its appearance but also hold the resale value. You may encounter problems down the road if you choose to ignore maintaining the paint on your car.

Here are some ways you can protect the paint on your ride.

1. Avoid the Weather

We’re talking about the UV rays from the sun and constant exposure to the rain. While it is difficult to avoid dramatic weather patterns while you are on the road, there are some good choices to make when it comes to parking. If you have a carport or garage, use it. If not, try to park in the shade as often as possible.

2. Wash Regularly

How often you wash your vehicle and what you use to do so can really make a big difference. On average, it is recommended to wash your car every few weeks. Be sure you are using a soap intended for vehicles when washing.

3. Wax and Polish

Always wash before waxing! Waxing your car about once a month will seal it and help protect your paint from becoming weathered. Be sure to use a wax made for your car, as some have clear coats.

4. Rinse Frequently

Your vehicle collects dust, dirt, bugs, and more every day. While washing and waxing are sure to remove these particles, it is smart to perform a rinse even more frequently. If not rinsed off, all materials collected on your car’s surface will harm the paint over time.

5. Don’t Ignore Scratches

If you notice a scratch in the paint of your vehicle, be sure to act. If no action is taken, water may seep into the scratch. This will cause rusting under the paint where you will not be able to see it. With time, these hidden, rusted areas will begin to bubble and peal.

Whether or not it looks as if the body of your vehicle needs some attention, always be sure to keep it in mind. Caring for the exterior of your ride can really become an investment over time. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to us at 503.378.7595. Remember, a little rinse never hurt!