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Safety Tips for Holiday Travel

The holiday season brings many families together across the nation. You know what this means? A lot of traveling. The winter weather and extensive time spent traveling during this time can bring safety hazards to attention. Here are six tips to be consider while planning to visit your family this year.

1. Have your car inspected before you leave.

Car trouble is a very common issue. Being stuck on the road during the holidays isn’t only a cold situation, but also a dangerous one. Taking your car in for an inspection before you begin your long drive is a good idea to avoid auto incidents during the trip.

2. Know how to drive safely on icy roads.

You never know when you are going to hit ice. Be sure to research how to maneuver on dangerous, icy roads. Tips will include waiting for snowplows to do their job, decreasing your speed, and leaving yourself plenty of room to stop.

3. Plan the drive ahead of time.

By planning, you will be prepared for whatever might happen on your trip. This includes planning a specific time you will hit the road. A GPS can be a huge help to staying on track.

4. Make frequent rest stops.

Winter driving can be much more tiring than summer driving. Making a stop for a few minutes every few hours will give you time to stretch your legs and maintain your energy level.

5. Carry a cell phone charger.

You never know when trouble will arise. By keeping a phone charger in your car, you will be able to reach out for help in the case of an emergency. Along with this, having contact information for roadside assistance is important.

6. Stay hydrated.

While this is often not thought of as a safety hazard, it is important. Not having enough water during a long drive could mean decreased alertness. Keep a few water bottles handy to keep yourself hydrated.

Now you are prepared for your holiday trip to go see the family, with safety in mind. Remember to drive safe and keep your eyes on the road. This holiday is going to be a great one. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call Salem Auto Body & Paintworks at 503.378.7595.