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Winterizing Your Vehicle

The leaves are coming down, Santa Clause is in the department stores before Halloween, and the temperature is continuing to drop. Fall is here and winter isn’t far behind! Just like we prepare ourselves for chilly temperatures with jackets and scarfs, our cars also need to be cared for to get ready for the cold days ahead. Check out these 6 tips on car winterization to keep you and your car safe during the colder seasons in Oregon!

How’s the Battery?

The battery at the beginning of the fall. It’s better to check the battery early as the weather continues to get colder in Oregon. Don’t get stuck out in the cold, especially if it can be prevented. It’s better to find out a car battery is going down sooner than later. If you’re unsure how to test or replace your car battery give Salem Auto Body & Paintworks a call to help with batteries as well as give you more car care advice.

Oil Check

The oil is important in every season, but especially in the wintertime as oil becomes thicker in colder weather and flows at a slower rate. It is also necessary to make sure your oil filter is up to date. Thicker oil in the cold will generate more pressure on the filter.

Tire Condition

The nights and days get colder, the chances for snow and ice become more prevalent. You never know what the weather is going to do here in Oregon! Keep your tires in prime condition for you and the vehicle’s safety. Checking up on your tire condition can save you a lot of stress in the long run. Also, make sure if icy conditions are ahead to install winter tires.


The weather gets colder, the days get darker. Driving with your lights out is not only illegal, but it’s also dangerous as it can put you and other drivers in harm’s way. Stay safe and keep yourself away from a fine by checking the lights! To check to make sure your lights are working properly, stop by Salem Auto Body & Paintworks to receive expert advice.

Fill it Up

Not running low on gas keeps you from possibly getting stuck in the middle of the cold. Maintaining the tank at half full always is the safe route to take as when the gas tank is at extreme lows, the gas could freeze. You won’t regret filling up your tank!

Keep Emergency Supplies

An emergency supply box in your car is a smart tool to have during dangerous situations. Some wise tools to keep in your box of supplies include blankets, socks, a first-aid kit, food, water, and a flashlight.

Follow these tips for your car and stay safe for the blistery cold days ahead! If you need more information on a tip or would like help winterizing the vehicle you drive, give Salem Auto Body & Paintworks a call at 503.378.7595. We’re always here to help with the needs of your car